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Creative Contract Bundle

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Looking to legitimize your creative business and protect your rights? Look no further than our Creative Contract Bundle! This comprehensive collection of legal documents is the ultimate shield for all your business needs. From retainer agreements to video production contracts, this bundle has got you covered. So why risk it when you can bulletproof your business with just one purchase!


What's Included?

  • 6 Customize Contract Templates
  • Video Retainer Contract
  • Video Production Contract
  • Wedding Videography Contract
  • Photography Contract
  • Subcontractor / Second Shooter Agreement
  • Model Release Form
  • *BONUS* - Screen Recording on How to Customize Templates


Why You NEED This!

  • Legitimizes your business and establishes legal rights and responsibilities
  • Protects your business and intellectual property
  • Helps to avoid legal disputes and misunderstandings
  • Provides a professional image for potential clients and partners
  • Gives peace of mind knowing that your business is legally secure



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